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Efficient forestry with high-quality forest roads. Tapio




Efficient forestry with high-quality forest roads

The conditions for constructing forest roads are difficult in Western Russia. It is difficult to find the place with bearable soil for road body and natural gravel or stony soils to crush for road pavement. But after all it’s a question of only a couple of basic and quite simple principles that must be in order in building a proper forest road. We have observed that most of them can be easily achieved also in Russian conditions with the proper methods and techniques of forest road construction.

Efficient forestry with high-quality forest roads. Tapio

Photo 1. Road with good drainage and bearing capacity. Tikhvin region, Russia

To a large extend the efficiency of Finnish forestry is based on effective chain in forest logistics and transportation. A proper and dense network of forest roads has the main role in the beginning of this chain. The network is so dense and of such a good quality that an average hauling distance in Southern Finland is only 200 meters. In most places you can get the timber from stump to factory in a day almost round the year, if necessary.

Most of the forest roads network has been planned and constructed by The Development Centre Tapio and regional Forestry Centres. So we know how to build a road in different conditions and at low costs.

The most important factor in bearing capacity of the forest road is a proper drainage. The drainage can be achieved by choosing the right place for the road, using the right size culverts on a right place, by digging proper ditches to get the water off the road area.

Efficient forestry with high-quality forest roads. Tapio

Photo 2. Proper drainage of forest roads on the complex grounds. Tikhvin region, Russia

The right techniques in building, isolating and reinforcing the road body help to keep the road dry and bearable. The heavy-duty wooden structures in reinforcing the road are very expensive and do not last long. Geotextiles and nets are a good solution of that problem. But Geotextiles and nets must be of proper size and density and applied properly to serve right and long. The knowledge how to find good soil materials for pavement in different sites is very important. Sometimes stony materials can be found under a thick layer of clay.

Efficient forestry with high-quality forest roads. Tapio

Photo 3. The rocky ground under two meters of clay is suitable for use in covering  of the road. Tikhvin region, Russia

As important as using the right methods, techniques and materials in forest road construction is the road network and each single road planning well in field and in the office. A good process begins with the choice of the best road location in regards to its bearing capacity, operational durability and costs. As important as planning is the right timing of each step in the road construction.

The Finnish “know how” of constructing permanent forest roads nowadays is available also in Russia. Forestry Developing Centre Tapio has had training and consulting projects with several Russian forest industry companies.

We have had Investlesprom, Mondi Syktyvkar, Cherepovetsles, Stora Enso and Metsäliitto Podporozhe as clients for forest road construction and consultation. There have been consulting projects in developing forest logistics and permanent forest roads network. The most of co-operation has been training projects in single road planning, techniques in constructing new roads and renovation of old roads. The maintenance of old roads has interested our clients as well.

We have developed customers’ forest road processes by offering them ready calculation programmes for field planning, technical planning, estimate of quantities and costs for making offer propositions to contractors and contracts with them. The process includes also juridical and technical documents of the contract. For some clients we have delivered also training and documents for inspecting and acceptance of the accomplished work.

As well Tapio has had co-operation with governmental organisations as clients in Russia. Tapio arranged a forest road seminar in Nizhniy Novgorod in 2008 and built there a model road. In constructing model roads we used Finnish experts, contractors and excavator operators. During model road project Russian operators and supervisors were trained.

All this is Tapio’s expertise. We know how to plan and construct forest roads in Russian conditions and we can share our experience and knowledge with you.

Contact us:

Tanja Ridal (information in Russian and English

+358 40 162 5557

Ilppo Greis (information in Finnish and English)

+358 40 720 7139

Forestry Development Centre Tapio - http://tapio.fi/

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