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Statistics - The Forest Industry

In 2012, the index of industrial production amounted to 102,6% compared with 2011.

The production index for the activity "logging" was 97,8% compared with 2011.

The production index for the activity "pulps" was 100,1% compared with 2011.



Demand for forest products weakening

Production and exports in the Finnish forest industry grew at quicker pace in the first six months of 2011 than during the same period a year earlier, and profitability improved. However, after summer the situation has been affected by the heightened uncertainty over the world economy, especially the euro area.

Demand in the European markets is expected to pick up not earlier than in the second half of 2012. The forecast improvement is expected to keep the Finnish paper exports and production close to the 2011 level in 2012. However, European construction will remain sluggish for the whole year, and so Finnish sawnwood exports are forecast to fall slightly. The weakened end product markets will also be visible in roundwood demand and commercial fellings. Average 2012 prices for sawlogs and pulpwood will be slightly down year on year. The forecasts assume that a new financial and economic crisis will be averted. A recession would entail a downward revision of all the forecasts in this Economic Outlook.

Dr. Riitta Hänninen, Metla

Publication: Finnish Forest Sector Economic Outlook 20112012


Efficient forestry with high-quality forest roads

The conditions for constructing forest roads are difficult in Western Russia. It is difficult to find the place with bearable soil for road body and natural gravel or stony soils to crush for road pavement. But after all its a question of only a couple of basic and quite simple principles that must be in order in building a proper forest road. We have observed that most of them can be easily achieved also in Russian conditions with the proper methods and techniques of forest road construction.

To a large extend the efficiency of Finnish forestry is based on effective chain in forest logistics and transportation. A proper and dense network of forest roads has the main role in the beginning of this chain. The network is so dense and of such a good quality that an average hauling distance in Southern Finland is only 200 meters. In most places you can get the timber from stump to factory in a day almost round the year, if necessary. [read]


Great interest in bioenergy 86 diplomats from 45 countries attended the preview of World Bioenergy

The message about bioenergys opportunities is now being spread around the world. In the lead-up to the World Bioenergy 2012 conference and trade fair that will be held in Jönköping, Sweden at the end of May, the organisers Svebio and Elmia held a Tea View event to present the upcoming event to ambassadors and foreign trade offices. No fewer than 86 diplomats from 45 countries, including 11 ambassadors, came to find out more about bioenergy.

The large attendance reflects the great interest in bioenergy around the world, comments Tomas Kåberger, chairman of Japan Renewable Energy Foundation and chairman of World Bioenergy 2012. There is a lot of interest in finding out everything that is happening in the bioenergy sector in Sweden since bioenergy is Swedens largest energy source with over 30 % of the energy supply. The aim of World Bioenergy is to combine the latest research with demonstrations of functioning bioenergy solutions, and also to provide a meeting place for business deals.

World Bioenergy 2012 - [read]


Metso to supply Finlands largest pellet-fired heating plant to Tampereen Energiantuotanto

Metso will supply a pellet-fired heating plant to Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy in the city of Tampere in Finland. The plant will be delivered by the Metso-Wärtsilä joint venture MW Power. The delivery will comprise a full-scope turn-key boiler plant solution, including all the necessary equipment and commissioning. The plant will be Finlands largest pellet-fired plant, based on a technological solution that is the first of its kind in Finland. The value of the order will not be disclosed.

The heating plant will be used as a peak load and backup plant and will replace some of the capacity of the existing oil- and gas-fuelled boiler plants. The plant will be fired with wood pellets and its heat input will be around 33 MW. Replacing the old boilers with a new modern pellet-fired boiler will significantly reduce the CO2 emissions resulting from the production of district heating.

Our cooperation with MW Power has been smooth. When things started to fall in place concerning the plants technology, it was clear that MW Power is the right partner for us for this challenging project. It was also important to us that the supplier would commit to the project with the necessary resources. This project will bring new expertise to Finland, and Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy wishes to be at the forefront in sustainable energy generation. District heating has always been an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative and it will remain so in the future as well, says Development Manager Timo Heinonen from Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy.

It is inspiring to introduce new technology into the market for the first time, and commercial success is naturally our ultimate goal. Previously, peak load plants have been using fossil fuels because there was no other technology available. The technological solution supplied to Tampereen Energiantuotanto Oy will bring new opportunities to gear the structure of Finnish district heat production towards the goals of sustainable development, confirms Sales Manager Teemu Koskela from MW Power.

The production of heat at the new plant will start in late 2012. The order is included in Pulp, Paper and Powers first quarter 2012 orders received.

Metso - [read]


BRUKS chipper on Volvo FH16

Since 2008, BRUKS AB has delivered some 20 chipping units mounted on Scania trucks.

Now the first Volvo truck carrying a chipping unit has left Bollnäs factory.

In January, BRUKS AB installed a BRUKS 805.2 PTC chipper on a Volvo truck. Its a Volvo FH16 Tridem with a 600 HP engine carrying a chipper, high-dumping chip bin and collapsible Z-type crane.

This prototype features a number of improvements such as a new chipper suspension and an integrated belt tensioning solution.

The new BRUKS/Volvo chipping unit has been met with great interest by chipping contractors. BRUKS anticipates serial manufacture of BRUKS/Volvo chipping assemblies as of September this year.









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