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По Русски The Timber Industry Worker

Интернет-журнал "Лесопромышленник" I Журнал "Лесопромышленник"

Новости лесной промышленности
Internet-magazine, Lesopromyshlennik, Timber, Industry, Worker

About "The Internet-magazine "Lesopromyshlennik"

Internet-magazine, Lesopromyshlennik, Timber, Industry, Worker

Magazine for lumbermans and woodworkers. The pages of the magazine cover the activities of enterprises connected with forestry, timber cutting, woodworking, pulp and paper and wood-chemical productions. We present new techniques, technologies, materials and services of forest and woodworking industries.

ISSN 2220-7821


Dr. Karpachev S.P., Priorov G.E.

Registration number:

Эл № ФС77-32798 from 11.08.2008

The editor - in - chief: G.Priorov



About The Magazine "Lesopromyshlennik"

("The Timber Industry Worker")

The magazine is distributed all over Russia: by sub­scription, at exhibitions, in sale centers and demonstra­tion halls of trade firms of the corresponding type.

The magazine is based in 1999.

A4 demy. 5000 copies. 4 issues per year.

The founder of Open Company "ATIS"

Registration number: ПИ 77-17709 from 09.03. 04.

The editor - in - chief: Dr. Karpachev S.P.


Профессор Карпачёв С.П. и г-н Клаус Йанссон

Prof. Sergey Karpachev and Mr. Klaus Jansson, Vice sales director of Jartek Oy. 2011

International Congress

"Forum holzbau"

German E. Priorov, MSFU, Russia
"Logistic problems of wood chips - from wood harvest to the consumer in Russia"


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